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Participate in achieving the sustainability and electric driving objectives.  BlueMarble Charging, manufacturer of OSTRA charging stations, develops and produces a new generation of ultrasmart charging solutions. To make the transition to electric driving faster and easier. We do this together with our partners, installers and resellers. Together we are committed to giving EV drivers access to innovative charging solutions. Beautiful, functional, user-friendly and above all durable.

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What can OSTRA do for you?
OSTRA is suitable for every situation of your customers. Home, company, HOA or parking location. One charging station or an entire charging plaza. Install smart charging networks with the latest smart charging technologies, such as cloud based (dynamic) load balancing and scheduled charging. Create more charging points in one location.

Short installation time due to the unique, modular construction. Wireless connection of up to 100 charging points in a master - slave setup. Prepared for daisy chaining the power to multiple charging points. Perla technology guarantees low service costs.

OSTRA is fully OCPP 1.6 compliant and ready to interface with anyCPO. Integrated as standard with the e-VOLTT platform for management and settlement of charging transactions.

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